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15 Doggo Memes That Will Make Anyone ROFL

We all enjoy memes way too much. Just log into Facebook and you'll see that a lot of the posts are actually memes. Some are hilarious, most are way too inappropriate, and others are just super cute and adorable. The latter often happens with any animal related meme, especially memes about dogs. And while we're on the topic of dogs and memes, there's this new thing on the Internet about Doggos and Puppers. You may have already seen it—especially if you frequent Reddit—and it's basically just other words for cute dogs.
So we looked up some of the funniest doggo memes and made a list of them. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!



Before we start with this article, you have to know what the difference between a 'pupper' and a 'doggo' is. Fortunately, we found this photo that perfectly sums it all up, and it's not too complicated to understand. A pupper is basically a tiny doggo. Puppers are small but sassy; they're cute, and everybody likes them. Oh, and they don't bork (borking is a doggo word for barking -- you know, in case it wasn't obvious enough).
Doggos on the other hand bork; they are a bit smarter than puppers, and you can't confuse them easily. However, in case you couldn't tell, both puppers and doggos are super cute! Some people like puppers more, while others like doggos better. If you ask us, we love them equally, and all of the pupper/doggo memes literally make our day.



We all love our doggos so much; that's one thing we have in common. Not only that, but we literally love and admire every other doggo that we see, even if they're not ours. Isn't that weird? Why isn't it the same way with humans and babies? Anyways, we've all been in those situations when our doggo ran out of the door without a leash, and we literally had a heart attack, thinking they'd run away forever. Or worse — get hit by a car. But this cute little doggo shown in the photo above is not the kind of doggo that runs away and disappears. But he does love to heckin' bamoozle their human in to thinking they really are missing. Ha! Stupid human. The doggo was there the whole time and their human simply  didn't notice.



Back in 2006, an iconic movie was released: The Devil Wears Prada. It's about a young graduate who just got a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestly. Priestly might as well be the most well known editor in the fashion magazine world (basically Anna Wintour). Well, you probably didn't know this, but they're releasing a sequel to that movie and it'll be called The Pupper Wears Prada. The pupper will also play a bossy editor-in-chief, and we even got an exclusive promo poster (see above). Don't you just love it?! We can already tell that this will be a higher-grossing film than the first movie. Oh, and obviously, "Ur not going to do THAT a wear, are u, darling?" will become one of the most iconic movie lines of the year.


Is there anything cuter than a doggo? Usually, we would say, "No, there's nothing cuter than that." But today we have to say, "Yes, what's cuter than a doggo is a doggo in a Harry Potter inspired costume." But wait, that makes no sense, because it's still a doggo, so the answer to the question is still "No!"Anyways, this meme will make any dog lover who also happens to be a Potterhead super happy. Just look at this adorable doggo wearing this costume. Do you know what would be cuter, though? An entire reboot of Harry Potter with dogs as the actors instead of human beings. We even have a name for it: Hairy Pupper! That franchise would definitely be both critical and commercial success!



Every '90s kid knows the song "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mixalot. And you probably know the song word for word by this point, right? Like, how could you forget these iconic lyrics, "I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny. That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face..." Well, rumor has it that MC Doggo, the next big superstar, will make a cover of that song, but with a few lyrics changed. Apparently, it will go something like this, "I like floof butts and I can not do a lie, other doggos can't do a deny." Get ready, this 2017 summer smash hit is hopefully coming to a speaker near you!



Humans like other humans, that's a fact (well, for the most part). That "like" we have for another person then eventually grows into love, and from love comes children (again...for the most part). Then once those babies are born, they grow up, and the cycle continues. It's the circle of life. It's also the same thing with most doggos. They also have the ability to like another doggo. They smell their butts and if they like what's going on — they'll get started on having babies before you can blink.
But just because they're doggos, doesn't mean awkward occurrences don't happen, because they do. Puppy crushes can happen and sooner or later, we have dogs that look like the meme above. If only doggos knew that "acting natural" never ends up looking natural.



This little pupper was just minding its own business. They were just hanging out with their human when a stranger approached them and started touching their fluff and talking in this weird high-pitched voice. Like, what is that all about? Can't a pupperina have a little privacy? Guess not. But not only was this pup touched without its permission, but the stranger also incorrectly assumed its gender! This is not a pupper, this a pupperina! Now, this poor pupperina is triggered - nope, not triggered, but doggered. It seems that stupid humans still didn't learn that you don't just assume a person's gender. But they better learn fast, otherwise the social justice doggo and pupper warriors will come after them. Trust us, you would not want that, so just don't assume doggos' and puppers' genders!



We have all been there. We have all done something, said something, or acted a certain way that didn't make our parents happy. Or in other words, we disappointed them. Well, the same thing can happen to doggo fathers and their pupper kids — and we have a good example of that. In the meme above, you can see two doggos hanging out; a father and a son. The father is obviously very disappointed in his son because the young pup borked three times — which he is not allowed (remember, only two borks a day). You can tell that this pupper is upset with itself, but it's too late. Their dad doggo is disappointed. That's not what he expected from his own pupper because that's not how he raised him.
Woof if this dad doggo is this upset, we can only imagine how the momma doggo feels. 


It is a well-known fact that millennials are struggling a lot these days. They can't find jobs, the economic situation is terrible (thanks to baby boomers), and they're always accused of being too lazy or too entitled. So, because of that, poor millennials end up doing minimum wage jobs, like working in McDonald's, and end up in more debt than they can handle so they can't pay their tuition fees. The doggo shown in the photo above is a perfect representation of a millennial. He's doing a minimum wage job and is starting at the bottom and working his way to the top (we're assuming?). Yaas, millennial doggo! Show the world and those millennial doubters that we're not lazy and we're doing everything we can to support ourselves!



We have already mentioned this once, but we'll say it again: doggos and puppers are the cutest things ever! They're so fluffy, unintentionally funny, awkward, and adorable. Look at this fluffy doggo above. They're ready for whatever the day may bring them and isn't afraid to break the rules by borking (AKA: barking). After borking a bit too much, this pooch landed itself in prison. Sorry little guy! It was probably charged with reckless borking and endangering the welfare of humans around it. But it's safe to assume that they continued borking behind the bars as well, because, as we said, this little guy can't be stopped. You go, doggo — we got your back! Don't let the haters stop you at doing what you're best at (which is obviously borking).



Doggos and puppers are usually pretty gentle creatures. All they want to do is to play with their humans and eat their human's shoes (it's okay doggos, you're all forgiven). But don't be fooled, they can also be very rough, especially when it comes to protecting their humans. A good example of that is shown in the meme above. As you can see, this brave doggo is fighting with this snake, AKA: 'a danger noodle' (seriously, who came up with this term? It's absolutely hilarious). The doggo is threatening to "destroi" this danger noodle and his bork drive is exploding. One thing is for sure, though, that danger noodle will die if it doesn't leave this doggo and its humans alone. Run danger noodle, save yourself and don't ever come for doggos and their families!



So, at the beginning of this article we explained what "borking"meant (it's pretty simple, it means barking). Anyways, after the borking part, we discussed that one pupper who ended up in jail for borking too much. Well, now we have another pup who borked too much! This poor little thing is only allowed two borks a day, but sometimes, a pupper just has to bend the rules a little bit. Although he's only allowed to bork two times a day, a third bork slipped out, which only led to more and more borks. Damnit! I hate when that happens. The beast is now unleashed and the borks just keep on comin'!
Hopefully this pupper's owners weren't too rough on the little guy for barking. He simply couldn't help himself!



Remember that doggo meme where the father is "doin' a disappoint" to his son who borked too much? Well, here we have another similar situation. Well, kind of. From what we can tell, this doggo's human just came home after a very long and tiring day at work. And guess what he finds when he enters the house? Chaos! How did that happen, you might wonder? Obviously, this doggo did it. No treats for doggo tonight! Why can't this doggo be like that cat in the background, just chilling and lying around? Instead of just sleeping the day away, waiting for its human, he decided to mess around. Tisk, tisk, tisk. Oh, and can we also take a moment to discuss the fact that this doggo is wearing a tie, glasses, and fake mustache? What's going on there?



According to our dear friend Google, a resting b*tch face is "(typically with reference to a woman) a sullen or scowling expression attributed to or unconsciously adopted by a person when in repose." First of all: this face is not just something women have - everybody has it. Google is just being sexist. Everybody can have a natural resting face that doesn't look cheerful. Even dogs can have it. It's just called a different name though. The correct term for this face when it comes to dogs is 'resting bork face.'And if you've ever wondered what that kind of face looks like, don't worry, we got you covered. Just look at the photo above and you'll see a perfect example of a resting bork face. It's pretty adorable, isn't it? We thought the doggo is "doin' a concern" but it's not - we've been bamboozled!



Here we have an example of a doggo that is completely misunderstood. You see, this doggo here is not like any other doggo - he's a punk doggo. But, other doggos don't like his look, I guess. They seem to tease and bully this beautiful fur baby. But guess what? His look is not a phase! So people, stop telling him it is! Even his parents think it's a phase and they keep pressuring him to stop dressing and acting like a rockstar. But nope, it's not a phase, that's who he is, and nothing can change that.
Don't worry punk doggo, we got your back. If you ever decide to start a new life, we'll adopt you and accept you the way you are. Why? Because, as Lady Gaga says, "you were born this way!" Now put your tiny paws up and rejoice!

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