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15 Hilarious Dog Snaps That Will Make Anyone LOL And Say 'Aww'

"A dog is a man’s best friend” is an expression we've all heard about these beings’ incredible bonds with humans. Admittedly, nothing else seems to say it better. For centuries, dogs have provided help and loyalty to humans and over time, they have proven to evolve with their intelligence and affectionate nature. These days, dogs are able to foster friendship with their human keepers, providing them companionship along with the protection and loyalty and hard work they'd always been known for. To many, dogs part of the family. That dogs are the most loved domesticated animals in the planet is a rarely disputed fact.
And just when we think we know everything about these dogs, they surprise us in ways  we can’t help but laugh at—and the internet never runs out of evidence supporting such canine hilarity. Here are 15 of these hilarious dog antics that will make you LOL and "aww" at the same time.



Ever seen a dog, or maybe had one, who was content to do nothing other than sleep, eat and play? That’s commonly expected of house pets, particularly pups who know they’re loved and fed well in a nice home. That’s just dog being dogs, as most people would say. But sometimes, these four-pawed pets exhibit characteristics that their human keepers might have long since dismissed in their dogs. They go beyond being the lazy bones, they do what it takes to survive, and they, well, try their best to help out! But judging by this dog’s gesture, it’s hard to say if it’s actually helping keep the truck out of the flood, or trying to keep its head above the water. Either way, it’s an intelligent dog trying to survive! And here’s hoping the dog and its human keepers succeeded.



Because they love the freezing weather and enjoy running across miles of snow, Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies make awesome sled dogs. They are tough enough to pull racing sleds and are more than capable of a good mile-long run (and farther!) through a snowy terrain. In fact, they even make more businesses possible for such places with ice-cold weather. And while they serve this purpose and have fun at the same time, these Alaskan dogs know what it’s like to play—and they seem to make their own hours during the workday sometimes! See how this adorable sled dog is taking a break and playing in the fairy tale-like, all-snowy atmosphere without a care in the world? If only all flat tires on every road were as adorable as this one.



It’s delightful to see dogs trying to “do their job” as they hear someone nearing their home. They seem to work on autopilot when it comes to meeting someone at the door! They’re the first to know (and to tell you) that someone’s home or a stranger is coming. You can tell from all the tail-wagging and the barking (or otherwise)! Before greeting or stopping whoever wishes to enter at the door, they'll race to the window to see who’s coming—and it’s an exciting prospect for them every single time. Besides using their response as a metric of how protective they are of their people, this is also a way for owners to determine the dog that may not exactly be the brightest crayon in the box. One of these pooches looks like they’ll make the best guard dog—but the other one, not so much.



It’s not uncommon to see a dog for the first time, fall in love with him and decide to take him home so you can take care of him like a baby. Dogs are really charming. And when they take a liking to you right away? That alone makes you want to keep them forever! Some of us get carried away with our pup parenting and treat them like babies; other live in climates where dog raincoats or snow boots really are a necessity. Some people, though, take doggy dress-up too far. We get it, it's hilarious to see our pooch going through a “transformation” of sorts; it’s like they magically morphed into a whole new species! Luckily, some dogs love it, too. Just look at this one who was dressed up—accidentally or intentionally, it's hard to say!—to look like a completely different animal: a seal! Doesn’t he look completely like one? Makes you wonder if the sea is actually where this pooch belongs!



Dogs are incredibly smart. And that’s actually an understatement. These lovable creatures understand us more than we know. They even outsmart us, making them not only the best pets and companions, but the most fun creatures to be with as well. And in many cases, they know better. Way better, in fact! Why else would this dog extend his hand towards a human being like this, just like how Adam extended his and almost touched fingers with God’s in that famous painting, "The Creation of Adam"? Dogs apparently know something about classical art, too. (More than we do at least, since we had to Google the name of the painting.) And who’s to say that art wasn't intended for dogs' enjoyment? Cleary, this dog knows it’s all about the finer things in life.



There are certain dog breeds that are just distinctively regal. They look like they’re royalty—and are often the pet choice of royalty, too. Yes, we’re talking about dogs that look and act like they deserve the crown! For one, they can be insanely expensive! They require no less than the highest form of care and maintenance, much like the lucky humans who are born into the monarchies and affluent societies. Such dogs are able to survive in specific temperatures only and are extremely picky with their food. And if you’re wondering if there are body languages that set royalty dogs apart from the rest, here’s a sample: a dog that keeps those legs together and looking mighty fine no matter what. Take it from this fancy one who’s been wishing for that royal acknowledgement all his life!



Do you ever find yourself staring at your reflection in the mirror for hours? It sounds boring, but there are, in fact, people who enjoy looking at themselves for long periods of time. Maybe it's to admire the beauty that is them, adoring their pretty eyes and kissable lips. Or maybe to examine their features, including those cute little freckles or those annoying pimple scars and blackheads. Whatever the reason is, it’s human nature to want to look good, so there should be no shame in spending hours looking at yourself in the mirror if that's what you want to do once in a while. Some people find it comforting to look at their own face, while others only do so to figure out if there’s anything else they could do to it to improve their physical appearance. But is there any logical explanation for this dog’s mirror-staring situation?


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You know what’s annoying? It’s when you’re relaxing at home only to hear someone knocking at your door unexpectedly. What's worse is when you realize they’re there to shove their religion down your throat. While this is a free country and everyone can do practically what they want, this situation is a pretty universally hated one. Even this pup doesn't want to be interrupted at home when he's trying to enjoy his day off! Although, we do have to wonder what the success rate of this tactic is. Would the door-to-door salespeople or religious leaders continue to pitch to a pooch? We're going to have to test it out next time there's an unexpected knock on the door.



How many times have you been in awe of an adorable dog? It’s almost impossible to not be excited at the sight of beautiful dog hair, fur or coat and their gorgeous colors and patterns! We can’t help but stare at them or even touch and feel them. They just make us smile, don’t they? This is just one of the things that make dogs the magnificent creatures that they are—and that's just the physical aspect. Add that to their loyal and loving nature and you’ve got an ideal companion and friend! But really, just how majestic can dogs get? Check out how this pet exudes the supermodel vibe in a pose to end all poses. TBH, if we stumbled across this on Tinder, we'd swipe right.



“Get down here!” “Stop that!” and “Don’t eat that!” are just a few of the common phrases we say at least once a day as dog owners. You see, some dogs are just plain stubborn. They either refuse to listen or choose to ignore what they hear. It’s almost like dealing with a toddler; you feel like bursting in anger... but it’s impossible to do that because the little one is just too adorable! And with a pet that gives you an innocent or sassy look, it’s hard to even scream at their stubbornness. All it takes are those charming eyes looking back at you, blinking innocently and wondering what they did wrong. This Dalmatian seems to know its owner’s weakness, and is determined to be on that chair for the rest of the day.



Notice how dogs seem to hate going to the vet? It’s a common dilemma shared by a lot of pet parents. No matter how caring and gentle their doctor is, dogs seem to feel utter discomfort at a pet clinic. Perhaps like us, they dread the idea of getting checked and vaccinated because seriously, who wants to be in a hospital gown or sitting on that cold table? And every time they hop inside the car, you can’t help but wonder if they hope and pray they're heading absolutely anywhere but the vet. Just look at how these two poor dogs are comforting each other as they worry that they’re going to the vet. And we can only imagine their relief when they realize the vet visit isn’t happening and they’re headed to the dog park instead! At least this story has a happy ending.



Ever been caught in a situation wherein your dog just wouldn’t stop barking? You try to check what he’s up to and expect to find a stranger, an animal or even an insect he’s barking at, and you find nothing. You give him water, a snack, a bathroom break—nothing seems to appease him. If you ask an expert, they’ll tell you that sometimes, it’s just the stubborn in him that’s talking, er, barking. In his mind, he’s trying to get your attention. But what does he want when he gets it? You'll never know. But a person can only handle so much barking before they have to resort to threatening the pound. This pooch heard that loud and clear and could only respond by staring with those eyes! You see, stern talk does work. Or not. Perhaps he’s actually saying, “You know you’ll regret it!”



Want to know why so many pet parents are so frustrated about the no-dogs-on-couch rule? Because it's pretty unenforceable with most dogs. Pets take their owner’s houses (oops, we mean their houses) as their own territory and they believe they have every reason to impose their own rules. To them, the couch feels good and it’s perfectly comfortable for an hour’s worth of nap. Or two. And that’s what it’s there for, right? So what’s a pet parent to do? Give in to canines and focus on doing what they can: snap photos of the most awkward, Snap-worthy dog poses on the sofa. And maybe, just maybe, the pet would get ashamed, realize the mistake, and get off the couch? But considering how that sofa’s been “owned,” we highly doubt it!


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Sometimes, our dogs take after us. When they see us leaving home, they think they might be able to make it out there in a la-la-land of their own, too. Hey, what's a pup gotta do to get a little freedom? But dog owners know we keep them close for their own good. What would they do without us? Any time we have to even consider the dogs out there in the big, bad world all alone, we can’t help but worry. We'll spend hours out there looking for our lost pups, envisioning all the scary stuff they might be facing. Imagine coming home with a broken heart because you never found your dog...and being welcomed by this image! We can't decide if we'd be more relieved that doggo made it home, or amused by that human-like stance.


Via: snapchat

Even if you feed your dogs and give them all the love in the world, you might sometimes wonder if all of it is ever enough. Pet parents tend to worry that their furry family members might not be getting the right nutrition, the best medication or the most comfortable beds. And while we do our best to give them everything to make them happy dogs, some things may not just be enough. That piece of cookie that you didn’t share with your dog, for example, might have caused him to be depressed and desperate. And it is in these situations that sometimes, they can’t help but do something foolish. You know what they say: when desperation strikes, everyone tends to forget who (or in this case, what) they are. If one day you catch your dog pickpocketing, don’t say you weren’t warned!

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