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16 Cats That Are Cool AF

Cats! We can’t get enough of them! They cover the internet with their cute faces, ingenious ideas, and lovable, demonic nature. There are cat haters out there, but they really are just jealous. After all, we’re all secretly thinking the same thing that they are…they are better than us in almost every way possible. Cats are cool. Bottom line. Where do you think the term “cool cat” came from? Duh!
But no matter how cool most cats are, these cats take it to an entirely new level with their coolness. They are the cats we wish we could be. The cats that are way cooler than we could ever dream to be! Remember, everybody wants to be a cat. Proof? Disney’s The Aristocats! Best cat movie ever!


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Mustaches have been around since the beginning of time! You’d think by now we’d be tired of them, that we’d have seen it all. But, after looking at this cat, you’ll realize that you still have one mustache to see. The coolest mustache of your life. Look at it! Now look at it again! It’s even better the third time!
The best part about this cool cat’s facial hair…or fur…is that he’s a woman. Most men can’t grow a mustache that perfect, let alone a female cat. Some people say mustaches are creepy, some say they’re gross, and some say they’re incredibly attractive. But no matter what your stance on the facial growth, you won’t have one negative thing to say about Hairy Sally’s mustachian perfection.


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In general, being two-faced is a very bad thing. But, Venus proves that it doesn’t have to be. She was born in 2009 and is one of the most gorgeous, unique cats in the world! Some say she has two entirely separate sets of DNA on each side of her body. One side is black with a green eye and the other half is orange striped with a blue eye.
Even a professor who studies domestic cats couldn’t quite pinpoint why she is the way she is. She is too advanced for humans. She makes me wish that I was half one color and half another. Hey, cats make everything cool! But even without her amazing fur pattern and eye color, her whole demeanor is too hot…or cool, to handle.


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This cat may not actually be playing a guitar, but even the Photoshop op was probably posed for, right? I can guarantee you that this cat has some mad dance skillz and can rock it better than anyone you’ve met. He can crowd surf like a boss and is the one you don’t want to mess with in a mosh pit. But his biggest talent is “guitar shredding”.
In fact, in 2015 he won Battle of the Bands and is currently working on an album with Blackened Recordings, the independent label owned by Metallica. The guitarist in the photo is set to go on tour in 2018 with his band The Dog Days are Over. Their first single will be Ruling the Peasants of the World.


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What’s cooler than a cat in a Batman mask? Go on, I’ll wait. The thing is, I’m not sure if this would be considered Batman or Catman. Or would it be Catwoman? Depends on the gender. Then, would it be Batwoman or Batgirl if it were a woman? It’s all very confusing.
That’s why it’s best to not dwell on that, it also is too advanced for humans to comprehend. So let’s just look at this cool cat in the Batman mask and enjoy it. Accept the fact that it’s the best Batman cosplay you’ve ever seen and move on with your life…or at least the next cat photo. And is it just me or does this cat look like Val Kilmer?


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What guy doesn’t hate the shopping bags they give you at Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch? They suck if you’re anything close to average. But this cat has got it figured out! No need to compete. You are the model. You are Hollister!
Unfortunately, you can’t fit in the shopping bag as a human, but you aren’t above Photoshopping. No one is. If this cat can be that inventive and ingenious, then so can you. There’s no need to work hours and hours each day to get an eight pack, it can take seconds with the right mindset. Plus, you can still have a double bacon cheeseburger and a jar of Nutella afterwards. Everybody wins!
I wonder if this cat came out of Hollister smelling like that special room spray that entices you to buy clothing you won’t wear while giving you a headache.


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Meet Bagel. She may look like just a normal cat, but is far from it. You see, Bagel was born without eyelids! That’s the reason she wears sunglasses. She can honestly say that she has to wear sunglasses for medical reasons.
The sad part is, she has went through multiple eye surgeries and must put eye drops in every day. If she doesn’t wear the sunglasses, debris could get in her eyes and cause blindness. Thankfully, she makes the most of her situation by wearing the coolest shades available and looks so extra in them too. To this day she’s a hot on Instragram and is even popular with those who don’t know of her condition. Because, she’s just cool like that.


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Who doesn’t wish their parents were as cool as these cats. Whether they are long-time partners or new loves, no one knows. But we do know one thing: they have got it together. What happens when you take the most photogenic male cat and the most photogenic female cat? This! If they have kids, they will be perfect…or like me.
You really can’t stop looking at this couple. They are relationship goals! If you look really closely and realistically though, you’ll probably notice that they are sitting on someone’s jacket. This jacket is probably the story behind this photo. You can just imagine the human coming into my room, “There’s my jacket!”
“Excuse me…” The cat says, “May I help you? Must humans all be so rude?”


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There’s nothing about this cat that isn’t cool. I mean, if a human acted like that, they’d pretty much just be a jerk. But since it’s a cat, it’s really just entertaining. The “unamused” face on the beautiful cat is just perfect, then, the “I’m really above this” way he opens the door. Priceless.
Is his face cooler, the fact that he’s on a barstool, or the fact that he can open a door! Yeah, definitely the door part. Sometimes I have trouble opening doors, so this cat is really just trying to show me up. Look at his face, I see it now. He’s thinking about how he saw the photographer try to open the door earlier and fail. So he’s showing off, staring blankly at the camera for intensity.


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Keep staring, it doesn’t get any less cool. Don’t ask questions, just ask him what he requires out of you and what the reward is. It’s no surprise that this cat has a side quest, I mean, he’s glowing! The real surprise comes when you realize this “side quest” is actually crucial to the story. But you should have caught into that when you saw how cool he was.
Now, don’t you wish you could glow like that? But you can’t. You’ll never be an NPC because you are too imperfect! This is reserved for cats in the real world.


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It’s true. This cat could just be warming his paws in the oven. But the theory that he is indeed trying to spawn something demonic is more likely.Considering he’s a cat and we all know cats are secretly demons, or at the very least worship them.
So, maybe this is totally not cool. But the power he seems to possess sure is. We could all use a bit of that determination and confidence. Even if he fails due to some barrier the dog put up, he will never give up until he’s accomplished his malicious goals. Hey, who knows? He could be saving you by sealing this portal that was created by the neighbor’s cat. You shouldn’t be so quick to judge.


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This may not be an intimate relationship, but these two animals are closer than you could ever be with another human. Or…maybe this cat wants this dog dead. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. Either she’s really protective over her friends or really protective over her prey. You can keep looking at it and the intent will never become clear.
It doesn’t really matter. There’s something going on here and you should just walk away before you know too much and must be terminated in your sleep. By the cat or the dog. If you value your life, stop looking at it. Please keep scrolling while there’s still time!


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The best scene in any action movie is the mandatory scene where either the main character jumps in front of a bullet, or someone jumps in front of a bullet for the main character. That takes some confidence, dedication, and pure love. We admire this cat to no end for their sacrifice, even if it is the end for them.
It’s best not to imagine what happened after this photo was taken. The cat that was saved jumps down from the couch just in time to catch the self-sacrificing cat from falling to the ground. With tears in his eyes, he denies what just happened, “No! No! Please! Don’t die on me! It was my fault! All of it was my fault! Bruce! Come back! Bruce! Nooooo!”


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So, there’s nothing this cat is doing that makes him cool. It’s really just his whole aura. He’s sitting there like a little monk, meditating the day away. He’s probably in a faraway land where he’s unlocked powers unheard of. Is this the Doctor Strange of cats?
The longer he sits there with that stoic look on his face, the stronger he becomes. He has learned secrets we would never believe in a million years. Secrets far too powerful for any human to grasp the meaning of. If we were told these secrets, paralysis, heart failure, or brain damage would begin. They may keep quiet, but it’s for our own good. They wish to keep us around a while longer before taking over the world. Just a while longer…


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Something tells me that this cat knew the cat who took the bullet for someone. He has revenge in his eyes and bitterness sin his heart. Or…he really hates tulips. The poor girl in the background is terrified either for the cat or his victim, it is unknown.
But this cat really, really wants to avenge Bruce, I’d say. Bruce had always been like a brother to him. Or…is this Bruce’s girlfriend? That killer better watch out! Barbara is on the loose and she is not happy! Let’s just hope she really hates tulips for the sake of everyone involved. Take out your aggressions on the tulips, not Bruce’s killer, Barbara. He isn’t worth it! You can move on!


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We’ve all had our fair share of dancing cat pictures. But you don’t often see a cat dancing with someone else. They do their best dancing alone, but on occasion, you see them reaching out and teaching the underprivileged a move or two. Cats aren’t above charity or dancing with students.
How sweet and admirable of this dear, tango-wise feline. As long as the human knows this is strictly business. No one shall get emotionally involved. It’s about the dancing and the betterment of the young dancer. After they have reached a certain level, they will be on their own. The human is taken under the wing, but not kept there. Pretty soon, the human tango dancer will have to move out on their own and pick up a nice human lady to dance with.


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Shopping is hard. Parenting is hard. It takes a strong parent to do both at once. That’s why this cat deserves an award for being the coolest parent around. They even made the cart comfortable for their little one. Look at the blanket they are sitting on. This parent is nothing short of a superhero. But where are they going to but all of the cat food, yarn, and the replacement for the scratching post that the other parent destroyed this week.
They’ll figure it out soon enough. The real question is, are they offering a Happy Meal to the kitten or threatening to take away their favorite toy. Parent’s faces in public are so sneaky! You never know what they are discussing with their children, you really never know.

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